Ass eating, Ass licking, Analingus, Rimming, whatever you call it, it’s fucking amazing. It feels like heaven for the girl one receiving end and it is the hottest thing ever for the one lucky enough to worship the delicious rim.

Buttplugs, double ended dildos and dildos of various size and shape. From small to massive and smooth to knobbly. I try to include a wide variety of toys in my stories and will often scour the internet looking for something different and interesting to squeeze inside my characters.

Cute girls inspire my writing. It’s so much more fun writing about nasty things happening to them if they look like a prom queen, the cheerleader captain, that hot girl you know or that cute porn star you fantasise about.

Fingers and thumbs up pretty girls’ bums… Women are getting to grips with the joys of anal stimulation. Starting with one finger themselves or from their lover, enjoying it so much that some progress to one fist… sometimes two.