Over 6000 words that introduces 39 the clone, created to serve as a spy in the sadistic 24th century dystopia solar system, to the cruel world of the Kolos and the latex-clad monsters that wield their synth penises. 39 is a clone of one of the recurring Rear Awakenings character’s Stephanie Wilson as she was when she was Chloe’s age. 39 has memories but no experiences of her own at the start of the chapter but it soon becomes clear how much action her bubblebutt is going to see as she is restrained and made to satisfy the two officers processing her.

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It’s been a long journey. Chloe’s Summer Job was my first book. It was my first completed story and Chloe Green was the first character in font. I’ve written quite a few other stories and characters along the way but Chloe’s journey has been as special as the girl herself. It started off as a gentle fall down the rabbit (or ass) hole but she hasn’t really stopped falling and things have gotten ever increasingly extreme and depraved at the hands of Jenny Harper. Right now, I am working to fix that but even now I find the scenes are still getting more sadomasochistic as Chloe and Hannah become more experienced. Their asses are not going to have it easy before the end.

So far it’s definitely going to be in two parts and I am writing the final climactic torture scene of the first half now before the finishing setting to carry (literally, you’ll see) Chloe and the girls over into the final book. Will Chloe win freedom for the asswhores? Will she get Becky back? Or will Jenny Harper finally break her and make Chloe hers in mind, body and soul? You’ll find out soon… and so will I as I haven’t written the ending yet.