I’ve finally gotten round to it. So many other ideas and stories have distracted me and needed to be written, along the way. Part one of the final chapter in the story of Chloe and her fellow asswhores in their struggle against Jenny and her fellow mistresses.

From start to end, this one is packed with explicit depictions of extreme anal debauchery and it just goes to show what nine months of constant training has done for Chloe’s ability to endure and stretch her limits of pleasure and pain.

Things change for several characters in this book.

Kasey finally becomes an asswhore all as part of Chloe’s plan to chip away at Jenny’s power base. The High Priestess’s daughter shows the lust and desire of a Kolos girl unfulfilled and hungry to be taken and used and I think she finds herself quite satisfied after a session with Ivy in the dungeon.

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Emily gets caught up in Jenny’s fury when she finds out and is turned into an asswhore, a woman the same age as the High Priestess herself, breaking thousands of years of tradition.

Becky is as tormented as ever by Kate and I tried to portray her treatment at her mistress’s hands as being almost intolerable for the petite blonde as much as for those witnessing it.

Chloe and Hannah are becoming so used to being anal whores that they need larger and more extreme ways to get filled up and satisfied. Our girls have come on such a long way since Chloe’s Summer Job.

Even Heather and Louise pop up just before the end with an unexpected and swift change in ownership.

The torture/revenge scene at the end is a way of scooping up the anger and frustrations between Jenny and Chloe and show how Hannah, Becky, Emily and the other asswhores are all just pawns in the game the High Priestess is playing with her obsession. In Jenny’s head, there is only Chloe and her and her focus is increasingly consumed with the need to get the girl to submit fully to her

The next part will be in the works soon assuming I don’t get too distracted with another idea or two. We’ll all (including me) find out whether it will be Jenny who wins and makes Chloe her slave of body and soul for life or whether the embodiment of the young anal goddess, Chloe, can save her loved ones, her friends and herself and remake the cult into something kinder and more considerate and even then it may not completely go the way she expects.


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