I love Sci-fi, more trek than wars but anything is good as long as it has space ships and lasers. I also love lesbians so combining the two was a logical choice. The character Lana is more gritty than the girls back on Earth in Rear Awakenings and this book introduces cybernetic attachments so it is different. I wanted to keep it as science fiction accurate as possible without distracting from the focus on sex and especially enjoyed the freedom of inventing new devices or gadgets.

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A sci-fi bondage and BDSM novel with PVC, latex, food play, whipping, piercings, tattoos, transgender & much more.

The tale of how Lana’s booty was plundered by the beautiful cybernetically enhanced transgender Captain of the Bloodrose is a delicious one to read. It will take you on a torrid ride of bondage and submission, squeezing one sexual encounter after another into over 10,000 words of latex, PVC and spandex clad beauties.
Set in the solar system, hundreds of years in the future, Lana, a pilot for a space delivery service on her home station is about to meet a battle cruiser filled with dominating human and android mistresses, where no hole will be left un-plundered.
She is shackled, cuffed and restrained and undergoes various humiliations and sadistic treatment at the hands of her captors including being whipped, eaten out by twins, tattooed, given body & ear piercings, probed with a tentacle arm and gagged.
She starts to work for the crew but ends up more a part of their meal than she bargained for as she is made to eat for their entertainment and gets humiliated with spit and food play.
Finally the Captain takes her for herself and Lana discovers a surprise in her breeches that she hadn’t been expecting.

As usual from me, a good amount of Anal and ass play lies beyond the cover.

Brave the asteroid belt and take on Lana’s story. You wont be disappointed but you may regret it, if you don’t.


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