Louise is a character that makes a brief appearance in ‘Serving the High Priestess’. She is an anal wildcat that makes the word nymphomaniac seem tame. I think painslut is a better way to describe the humiliation and gaping she constantly craves or possibly ‘fucked up’ might sum up her state of lust. A half Japanese half German nineteen year old that lives with her mistress and gets frequent visits from another character I wanted to weave into the plot – the sadistic and cruel Kate. On my scale for sadism this is about average but has its occasional moment that even I found nasty. For the average reader this will be a lot higher…be warned…its wicked.

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Explicit, extreme and relentless taboo lesbian BDSM and rear entry action as her mistress lets Louise get used as a training sub for a new mistress still learning the ropes, literally and metaphorically.

Louise is used to being stretched to her limits and today is no different as she is subjected to increasingly larger and larger rear invasions. The cruel Kate, a woman in her late forties with a reputation for being particularly sadistic, subjects Louise to BDSM and humiliation as she uses the nineteen year old’s receptive and willing pleasure tunnel to train her student and to let off some pent up frustration as she squeezes in monstrous amounts of silicone.

Beth, a cute new trainee mistress, is impressed and infatuated with the hot, slim sub and her model-like mistress and makes sure she gets a turn with each of them as she enjoys taking and being taken with equal amounts of pleasure.

Louise is finally given the thing that she desires the most from her mistress, the beautiful Japanese woman in her thirties, Kiko, that has trained and honed her submissive’s talents, making her one of the most popular and impressive bottoms in the whole cult.

An over 14 000 word, explicit lesbian BDSM story, filled with rope play and restraints, whipping, candle wax, lots and lots of rear worship and rear filling. This story follows one day in the life of Louise and her mistress, characters from the series – Rear Awakenings.


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