This book continues Lana’s journey in becoming accepted by the crew and the scene in the mess hall with the food play is, excuse the pun, delicious in a perverted, sadistic way. I loved my first android/human/human+ scene especially as I was able to invent new restraints and devices to enhance the future of BDSM sex. A relentless & dirty sci-fi BDSM novel filled with food play, PVC, latex, whipping, tentacles, tattoos and futuristic bondage devices.

Over 10,000 words of tattooed, pierced, PVC & Latex clad lesbian and female-plus pirates that make love to, humiliate, penetrate and stretch all holes.

Lana’s booty continues to be plundered by the beautiful synthetically enhanced transgender Captain of the Bloodrose as she returns to the Bloodrose after winning them the biggest haul they have had in a long while.

The twins are subjected to humiliation at the hands of the cybernetically sexually enhanced first mate and then Lana with the cruel weapons-hand of the ship when they are used for the crew’s amusement with food play & insertions and then Lana has her ass stretched by the sadistic woman.She fulfills a fantasy involving being restrained and undergoing various humiliations and sadistic treatment at the hands of the ship’s synthetic android including being whipped, tattooed, probed with a tentacle arm and triple penetrated.

Set in the solar system, hundreds of years in the future, Lana, formally a pilot for a space delivery service has now become a Lesbian Space Pirate and has made herself an essential part of the crew by willingly giving her holes to them, stretching herself to new limits.

As usual from me, a good amount of Anal and ass play lies beyond the cover.

Brave the asteroid belt and take on Lana’s story. You wont be disappointed but you may regret it, if you don’t.


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