The Goddess/Kolos Explained

The Goddess/Kolos theme runs through many of my books. Here is an explanation.

The Goddess Chloe/Koloe – Chloe as a goddess concept comes from real Myth concerning the Goddess Demeter. Chloe is a persona or epithet of the Greek Goddess of Fertility, Agriculture etc. It was believed that Chloe was the form of a beautiful woman/girl that Demeter took when focused on vitality. In my novels and universe, Chloe became a permanent offshoot, separated by Demeter when the goddess tested the first embodiment of Chloe in the woods who sucked poison from a seemingly helpless girl’s bum and was rewarded with a return to youth and vitality. My story begins the butt worship aspect (not in real greek Mythology) and played on the word Kolos which means ass in Greek and the name Koloe. So to sum up, in the Kolos universe Chloe is a deity separated by Demeter that represents life giving youthful vitality and her worshippers gain this gift through acts of analingus as the first Chloe did.

Kolos Women – The women in my stories that are a part of the cult of Kolos/Chloe are all selectively bred from a line that stems back to the first followers of Chloe, some of which were related at the time, in Ancient Greece. The line has developed over thousands of years to become genetically addicted to the vitality-like effects that those of Chloe’s line of descendants have been gifted with (in their anal pheromones). These women have other selectively bred attributes such as a more durable ability for rough and deep anal sex, rounder, fuller asses, an overwhelming lust for asshole and, more recently, the girls have instinctive masochistic tendencies until the age of ascension at 30 where, like a kind of puberty, chemical changes occur in their head and they become pheromone hungry mistresses.

Kolos men exist of course but are used only as breeding partners then dropped by the Kolos women as they provide no pheromones of what was and is a female-only cult. This is also an easy explanation for the absence of most men in my stories and in the future, women use artificial or DNA banks to inseminate themselves with girls only to serve them better.

Anal Pheremones – In the Kolos universe, anal pheromones of adult girls are the life elixir of all Kolos and provide the Kolos with an addictive and genetic requirement that feeds a chemical need and gives them a reduced and diluted version of the vitality and youthfulness gift that Demeter blessed the first Chloe and all her descendants with. Koloslatreians firmly hold the belief that the more distressed the Kolos girl is, the stronger the pheromones for them to feast on.

Chloe – Chloe Green is a direct descendent of the very first Chloe and embodies the deity herself. She has more pronounced anal powers that provide a far more addictive hit for the Kolos and has features and abilities that make her the perfect asswhore. She was foretold by the Kolos to arrive at a time of the cults darkest time to save Kolos girls from enslavement and usher in a new era for the Kolosthean religion.

Koloslatreians v Kolostheans – The Koloslatreians translate as Ass Worshippers and are a later offshoot that has taken over the original beliefs and wrapped what was once a beautiful secret cult and turned it into a depraved sadistic torture fest for women that have been bred to enjoy seeing Kolos girls cruelly tormented and abused for their own selfish lust. The Kolostheans were the original cult, based on love and adoration for the girls that embodied the powers of the goddess Chloe.

Do you have to be Kolos to benefit? – In my stories many girls and women join into the cult. To benefit and become addicted to Kolos girl-ass you don’t have to be genetically Kolos but to fully benefit from the life-giving properties and have the genetic attributes of more durable and pleasure-centred assholes then you would need to be of the bloodline.

Family comes first – Technically all Kolos are distant relatives, just as the wider human race is, but right back at the start there are some sexual-cultural differences between the women and girls of the same bloodline. The very first followers of Chloe was  her daughter and granddaughters and there was only one way to worship at the altar. Throughout the Kolos cults history there are instances of women taking advantage of what was closest to them and it was not seen as taboo or off-limits.